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Bachelor's degree

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

4 years

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The Bachelor of Science program in Cybersecurity offers two specializations closely aligned with the skills of industry certifications: Cybersecurity Operations and Cybersecurity Analyst Defender. 这两个专业都有完整的动手实验练习. 核心课程为学生了解网络领域做准备, internet networking, packet structure, 基本安全概念,减少报文漏洞, 介绍Web、云计算和安全, security team participation and wireless security. Extensive, elective cybersecurity courses in both areas of specialization reinforce structured student skill development. The comprehensive Capstone project combines and demonstrates the acquired knowledge and skills from core courses and selected elective courses.

  • 在网络领域应用数学、科学和工程原理

  • 确定解决技术问题所需的计算需求

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澳门金沙所有学位课程的基础. Because communication, math and writing skills aren’t just universally applicable in cybersecurity — they’re useful in daily life.","defaultCoreCategoryDescription":"在这里,您将掌握大量特定于程序的知识. By the time you finish these courses, 你应该具备在网络安全环境中所需要的信心和技能.","defaultElectiveCategoryDescription":null,"overrideGeneralHeadingFlag":"true","generalHeading":"22 General education courses","overrideCoreHeadingFlag":"true","coreHeading":"11 Core courses","overrideElectiveHeadingFlag":"true","electiveHeading":"0 Elective Courses","overrideGeneralDescriptionFlag":"true","generalDescription":"这些课程是澳门金沙所有学位课程的基础. Because communication, math and writing skills aren’t just universally applicable in cybersecurity — they’re useful in daily life.","overrideCoreDescriptionFlag":"true","coreDescription":"在这里,您将掌握大量特定于程序的知识. By the time you finish these courses, 你应该具备在网络安全环境中所需要的信心和技能.","overrideElectiveDescriptionFlag":"true","electiveDescription":null}'>


Attend class whenever it fits your life, 白天或晚上,因为澳门金沙的在线课堂是24/7/365. Your academic counselor will help schedule your courses for a  Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity degree.

What you'll learn

When you earn your Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity you’ll be equipped with a concrete set of skills you can apply on the job. 

Topics covered in this degree include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Computer infrastructure
  • Technical problem solving
  • Enterprise management
  • Ethical hacking

Careers & Outcomes


A BSCYB can help prepare you to be an:

  • IT security analyst
  • Data Security Administrator
  • Information Security Specialist
  • IT Specialist
  • Systems Analyst
  • Information Systems Supervisor
33 %

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics在美国,IT安全分析师的就业增长预计将会是这样 much faster than average between 2020 and 2030.


Paying for school

While education costs have risen an average of 2.6% in the U.S. every year, our Tuition Guarantee ensures you’ll pay one flat rate from the moment you enroll to the day you graduate.

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On average, students with prior eligible college credits and relevant life experience saved $11k and 1 year on their undergraduate degree.

We’ve expanded our $1M scholarship commitment

Our scholarships aren’t just for the chosen few. We’ll help you understand which scholarships you may qualify for, worth up to $3,000.

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Our enrollment representatives provide personal support while you make an informed choice about going back to school.  Reach us by phone at 844-937-8679 or chat with us 7 days a week

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努力攻读学位,但不要放弃最重要的东西. 从全年开始,每次只上一门课.

Online learning

Enroll in online classes and attend class whenever it fits your life, day or night.

Around-the-clock support and resources

你有一个支持团队,每天20小时,每周5天. And our academic counselors, who are with you every step of the way, 在接受调查的学生中获得了90%的五星评级.

Accreditation & Faculty

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Institutional accreditation

澳门金沙获得了美国高等教育委员会(HLC)的认证, Since 1978, University of Phoenix has been continually accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and its predecessor.

Real-world faculty


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85 %


Faculty Spotlight

澳门金沙不知道三年后这个领域会变成什么样子. We just know the threats are growing exponentially. 澳门金沙必须让员工做好应对这些威胁的准备.”

Stephanie Benoit-Kurtz

Faculty, College of Business & IT


Frequently asked questions about the Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity degree

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this. Cybersecurity includes protecting computer and network systems from the theft of, or damage to, their hardware, software or electronic data, and any disruption of the services they provide.

网络安全学士学位毕业, 毕业生有在私营或公共部门就业的潜力, as well as federal agencies, criminal justice agencies, 医院——任何地方的数据都是电子存储的. Possible jobs include security consultant, computer forensics, security analyst and IT technician.

In a normal circumstance, students can graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity degree in a little over four years with no prior college credits. But with University of Phoenix, students can apply for potential 500 scholarship opportunities. 学生可以通过提交先前的教育经历来节省时间和金钱, job or life experience for evaluation for potential credit through the Prior Learning Assessment. On average, students working toward a bachelor's degree with prior eligible college credits and relevant life experience saved $11k and 1 year off their undergraduate degree.

澳门金沙提供职业相关的教育,提供 career services, hires real world faculty and has more than 100 degrees and certificates aligned to over 300+ occupations. Choose from a variety of certificates that you can add to your Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity degree that can allow you to become specialized in many different areas.

We also offer exceptional flexibility. You can log in and complete course work on your time, 接受全天候支持,并选择频繁的开始日期. Plus, students can pursue our tuition savings and scholarship opportunities, 哪一种方法可以让获得学位的成本更低,花费的时间更少.  

The Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity degree program offers two ways to customize your education. 从几个选修课中选择,你可以在整个项目. Or choose from lower division and upper division certificates to add to your program. Your Enrollment Representative can help you find the right electives and certificates to take based on your career goals.

While widely available, not all programs are available to residents of all states. 请向大学招生代表查询.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projections are not specific to University of Phoenix students or graduates.