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The first few school years aren’t just valuable — they can help determine a child’s future success. Get ready to play an important role in children’s academic development with our initial teacher licensure 教育/基础教育理学学士.

You won’t be in this alone. Our program support specialist can help you navigate teacher licensure and credentialing requirements. We’ll also help you with school placements for your clinical experience and clinical practice through our close partnerships with hundreds of school districts nationwide.

  • Teaching

  • Professionalism

  • Learning Strategies

  • Leadership

  • Innovation



We know what skills employers want because we did our homework.

We worked with labor market researchers to align in-demand skills with our program to ensure you have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate them in your coursework.

Look for the skills icon to see exactly which in-demand skills you’re learning in the courses you take.

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COE Central

College of Education students will find many helpful resources on COE Central. Program handbooks provide a wealth of information on topics such as professional expectations, clinical experiences, clinical practice, internships, edTPA and much more. Milestone roadmaps, technology and multimedia resources, and various toolkits are also available.



Plus, you’ll find plenty of support from our dedicated program support specialists who partner with you during your 100 required hours of clinical experience (or more if required by your state) and clinical practice. Our program support specialists also help you navigate the world of state licensure requirements, special education teacher certification and any questions or obstacles you encounter along the way.

What you'll learn

When you earn your 教育/基础教育理学学士 you’ll be equipped with a concrete set of skills you can apply on the job. 

You'll learn how to:

  • 设计并实施有效的小学课堂教学,对学生的学习产生积极的影响.
  • Evaluate effective professional practice in elementary education.
  • Apply professional ethics to their instructional practices in elementary education.
  • 评估学习原则以区分教学以满足不同小学生群体的需要.
  • Create innovative strategies to incorporate technology in an elementary classroom setting.

Along with the knowledge and skills related to the University Learning Goals, students who graduate from the College of Education should gain program-specific knowledge, skills and abilities. Each college or school creates a set of Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) to describe the knowledge, skills or attitudes students will possess upon completion of the program of study. By the time you complete your 教育/基础教育理学学士 degree, you should be able to perform these learning outcomes.

Program Purpose Statement

The 教育/基础教育理学学士 is an undergraduate degree program intended to prepare students with no prior teaching experience for initial teacher licensure. The program is designed for students who want to become elementary school teachers and includes a clinical component requiring field experiences and student teaching above and beyond program coursework. 各州对许可证的要求各不相同. See your state’s requirements. 可能会有额外的资格和/或取消资格,以作为一个当地的教师工作, state or federal entity.

Careers & Outcomes

What can you do with a 教育/基础教育理学学士?


  • Elementary education teacher
  • Kindergarten teacher
7 %

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for kindergarten and elementary school teachers is projected to be as fast as average between 2020 and 2030.

Career Services for Life®

Get career coaching, resumé building and interview prep, for life. 而外部的职业咨询费用可能超过每小时200美元, at University of Phoenix it’s built right into your degree at no added cost.

You don’t have to go it alone.

You’ll have a team of advisors invested in your success from day one — dedicated to helping you build your confidence and a personalized career plan you can stick with.


澳门金沙是为繁忙人群而建的大学. Build your resumé, prepare for an interview and plan your career — whenever it fits your life, day or night.

Networking & mentorship

Through virtual job fairs and networking with the alumni community, 澳门金沙让你可以很容易地利用你的同龄人和大学同事的经验和联系.


Paying for school

而教育成本平均上升了2.6% in the U.S. every year, our Tuition Guarantee ensures you’ll pay one flat rate from the moment you enroll to the day you graduate.

Save time and money on your degree

Credit transfer made easy

Earn your degree faster, and for less, with eligible transfer credits.


澳门金沙的注册代表提供个人支持,当您做出明智的选择回到学校.  Reach us by phone at 844-937-8679 or chat with us 7 days a week

Student Experience


Balancing family, work and school

努力攻读学位,但不要放弃最重要的东西. 从全年开始,每次只上一门课.

Online learning

Enroll in online classes and attend class whenever it fits your life, day or night.


You have a support team available up to 20 hours a day, 5 days a week. And our academic counselors, 谁会陪你走完人生的每一步, have earned a 5-star rating from 90% of our surveyed students.

Accreditation & Faculty


Institutional accreditation

University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), Since 1978, University of Phoenix has been continually accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and its predecessor.

Real-world faculty





85 %


Faculty Spotlight

From the very beginning, I always try to make students feel comfortable and connect with them.”

Donna Lange


以下项目为在选定的州参加教师资格考试提供学术准备, BSEd/ECH, MAEd/TED-E, MAEd/TED-S, MAEd/SPE, CERT/AP-E, CERT/AP-S, and CERT/AP-SE.

教育工作者/校长的资格要求因州而异. 如果申请人所在的州没有提供直接的执照获取途径,则需要先获得亚利桑那州的认证, prior to seeking licensure in their home state as an out-of-state prepared teacher/principal candidate. Arizona certification requires candidates to pass all Arizona-specific licensure requirements, 包括任何亚利桑那州特有的考试(如果是亚利桑那州教育部认可的,也可以是本州的同等考试).)在获得亚利桑那州教师/校长证书后, candidates can then apply for licensure in their home state and may be required to complete additional testing and/or requirements at additional cost. Program requirements may change based upon your home state’s agency licensure requirements. 请访问教师执照页面 or the principal licensure page for state specific requirements prior to reaching out to your state agency.

While widely available, not all programs are available to residents of all states. 请向大学招生代表查询.