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文学学士学位有语言要求,主要专业是英语,旨在为学生提供他们选择的人文学科的实质性学术内容. 该学位为有兴趣继续攻读研究生课程或在所有州进行教学认证所需的替代路线方法学课程的学生提供了学术内容领域的基础. 该学位还为有兴趣继续深造的学生提供了一个学术基础,这是在大多数学院和大学文科的高等教育职位所必需的. 该课程不直接为学生准备教师资格证或执照. 该学位还为有兴趣继续深造的学生提供了一个学术基础,这是在大多数学院和大学文科的高等教育职位所必需的. 重点研究旨在提供跨学科的组成部分,将增加学生的学习广度. The program will provide workers in business and government, as well as education, with learning that promotes critical thinking, information utilization, collaboration, communication, 和分析技能必不可少的有效和高效的工作生产力. The Bachelor of Arts in English introduces students to literature, rhetoric, grammar and composition as a disciplined course of study. 学生将获得对主要文学体裁多方面的理解, authors, and forms; and proficiency in the English language through their course of study. 以英语为背景,学生可以发展研究和批判性思维的技能 & analysis, and communication.

  • Understand written texts and apply rhetorical concepts in a variety of diverse communication situations

  • Analyze literature and critically read written communication

  • 作者的说明性的、有说服力的、叙述性的和描述性的作品

  • Apply collaborative skills in analysis and composition in order to collectively create a well-written product

  • Research authors, 深化对文学作品的理解的历史背景和理论框架

  • Evaluate literary and rhetorical works for quality and purpose

  • Contextualize major literary genres, authors, and forms

  • Think critically, analyze, collaborate, and communicate effectively

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澳门金沙学习打下基础. Students develop personal strategies for achieving educational goals and develop skills in critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.","title":"Foundations for University Success"},{"name":"PSY/110","description":"Psychology of Learning","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程介绍心理学的理论和概念,将促进学术成功,并为学生提供综合和应用这些知识的机会.","title":"Psychology of Learning"},{"name":"ENG/110","description":"English Composition I","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course develops the reading, writing, 批判性思维能力对于学术和生活的成功都是至关重要的.","title":"English Composition I"},{"name":"HUM/115","description":"Critical Thinking in Everyday Life","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"Students learn how to think critically, 专注于开发必要的工具和技能来分析问题, make decisions, and formulate well-supported points of view on key academic, social, and professional issues.","title":"Critical Thinking in Everyday Life"},{"name":"FP/100T","description":"Everyday Economics and Finances","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程通过研究金钱在日常生活和社会中的重要性,介绍学生如何思考和处理数字.","title":"Everyday Economics and Finances"},{"name":"ENG/210","description":"English Composition II","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程扩展了批判性阅读、写作和思考的实践. 重点是发展一个有效的写作过程,考虑到观众和修辞目的.","title":"English Composition II"},{"name":"SCI/163T","description":"Elements of Health and Wellness","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程提供全面健康的关键组成部分的概述. Based on a preventive model, the course will allow learners to explore choices that promote wellness with goals of living longer and better.","title":"Elements of Health and Wellness"},{"name":"SOC/110","description":"Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides an applied approach to team building, collaboration, and conflict resolution. Students must understand and apply these concepts within academic and professional settings. Students develop structures, processes, and strategies to create and maintain effective teams. 性别,文化和个人考虑在团队动力学也被探讨.","title":"Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution"},{"name":"HUM/105","description":"World Mythology","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides an overview of mythology and its relationship to ancient and current cultures. The course covers the purposes and types of myths, the development of myths and mythological characters, the common elements of mythological structures, 神话中的神灵和圣地的主要特征, contemporary theories of myths and mythology, and how myths and mythic structures shape contemporary culture.","title":"World Mythology"},{"name":"COMM/110","description":"Introduction to Oral Communication","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程将为学生提供口头报告的基本概念. 学生将能够在课堂和专业环境中发展并进行有效的个人和小组演讲. The course is also designed to provide a maximum opportunity for practice and evaluation of presentation techniques.","title":"Introduction to Oral Communication"},{"name":"SOC/100","description":"Introduction to Sociology","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"这门课程介绍了人类生活的一系列观点,让澳门金沙了解澳门金沙的个人生活如何受到澳门金沙在社会中的位置的影响. 它探索了观察世界的方式,让澳门金沙了解生活中的事件和经历是如何成为群体动力的一部分, of social institutions, and of cultural meanings. 它让澳门金沙看到个人事件和意义受到历史力量的影响,并看到历史事件是如何被个人选择所塑造的.","title":"Introduction to Sociology"},{"name":"ENV/100T","description":"Principles of Environmental Science","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course will provide students with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies that are required to identify and analyze risks associated with environmental problems, 并研究解决或预防这些问题的替代方案.","title":"Principles of Environmental Science"},{"name":"HUM/186","description":"Media Influences on American Culture","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"The course provides an introduction to the most prominent forms of media that influence and impact social, business, political, and popular culture in contemporary America. 它探索了每一种媒体的独特方面,以及跨各种媒体的交互,结合起来为信息共享创造丰富的环境, entertainment, business, and social interaction in the United States and around the world.","title":"Media Influences on American Culture"},{"name":"REL/133","description":"World Religious Traditions I","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course offers a survey of the major historical developments, structural cosmology, symbolic interpretation, and values of the Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian, and Shinto traditions.","title":"World Religious Traditions I"},{"name":"MTH/215T","description":"Quantitative Reasoning I","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"学生运用先进的定量推理技巧来解决现实世界的问题. This course emphasizes modeling skills, statistical methods, and probability to create, analyze, and communicate solutions.","title":"Quantitative Reasoning I"},{"name":"MTH/216T","description":"Quantitative Reasoning II","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程以应用为导向,培养学生运用定量推理批判性地分析和解决问题. Students approach real-world scenarios using numerous reasoning skills and mathematical literacy to draw conclusions.","title":"Quantitative Reasoning II"},{"name":"ETH/316","description":"Ethics and Social Responsibility","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides a foundational perspective for ethics and social responsibility in relationship to individuals, organizations, and the community. Emphasis is placed on the interrelated nature of ethics, morality, legal responsibility, and social issues.","title":"Ethics and Social Responsibility"},{"name":"BIO/101T","description":"Principles of Biology","credits":"3"},{"name":"SCI/220T","description":"Human Nutrition","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程介绍人类营养的基本概念,以突出学生如何将健康营养融入他们的生活方式. Principles of digestion and absorption, the function of nutrients, lifecycle nutrition practices, disease prevention, diet modifications, and weight management are covered. Practical application of these principles to the students\u0027 lives is emphasized.","title":"Human Nutrition"},{"name":"BIO/101","description":"Principles of Biology","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程旨在通过检视从细胞生物学基础到生物体生理学的层次结构,来介绍入门级的生物学, and the interactions among those organisms in their environment. The topics in this course include cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, evolution, physiology, and ecology.","title":"Principles of Biology"},{"name":"BIO/350","description":"General Biology I","credits":"4","mrktDesc":"This course provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the principles and applications of biology. Topics include biochemistry, genetics, the structure and function of molecules and cells, metabolism, and energy transformation. Students apply these concepts using practical examples, facilitated discussions, and experiments conducted through completion of virtual labs. This course is the first half of the general biology sequence, which is completed in BIO/351: General Biology II.","title":"General Biology I"},{"name":"REL/134","description":"World Religious Traditions II","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides a survey of the major historical developments, structural cosmology, symbolic interpretation, and values of the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religious traditions.","title":"World Religious Traditions II"},{"name":"POL/215","description":"State and Local Political Processes","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程为学生提供有关组织的介绍, administration, and functions of American state and local governments. 分析了州与联邦政府之间的关系.","title":"State and Local Political Processes"},{"name":"MTH/220T","description":"College Algebra","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course presents traditional concepts in college algebra. Topics include linear, polynomial, rational, radical, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations, sequences, and series.","title":"College Algebra"},{"name":"MTH/219T","description":"Introduction to College Algebra","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程介绍代数概念,为大学代数打下坚实的基础. Topics range from properties of real numbers, the order of operations, and algebraic expressions to solving equations and inequalities. Additional topics include polynomials, factoring methods, rational and radical expressions as well as graphing and functions.","title":"Introduction to College Algebra"},{"name":"PSY/203T","description":"Foundations of Psychology","credits":"3"},{"name":"PSY/205T","description":"Life Span Human Development","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程侧重于从人类发展的历史观点出发,以当前的生命跨度方法来形成对发展中的个人的理解, and it explores influences on human development, ranging from individual models to cross-cultural groups. Emphasis is given to personality, social, intellectual, and physical development, 用来描述人在一生中如何变化的主要理论.","title":"Life Span Human Development"},{"name":"PSY/340","description":"Biological Foundations in Psychology","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course is designed to expose you to the underlying physiological mechanisms of behavior. Physiological psychology is a complex but fascinating field of study. 它探索了澳门金沙的生物系统和行为之间的关系. 从神经元到大脑的神经系统的结构和功能, 以及大脑和进食等行为之间的相互关系, sleeping, learning, memory, emotion, and mental disorders will be discussed using examples from the behavior of both humans and lower organisms.","title":"Biological Foundations in Psychology"},{"name":"PSY/400","description":"Social Psychology","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程提供社会心理学领域的统一观点,围绕社会生活中的社会影响力、权力和交流的概念进行组织,并探讨深入的人类思想, feelings, and actions as influenced by other people. Specific topics include socialization, perception of self and others, pro-social and anti-social behavior, attitudes, interpersonal attraction, social influence, and group behavior.","title":"Social Psychology"},{"name":"PSY/420","description":"Theories of Behavior","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程介绍学习原理和行为分析,以及它们与心理学专业的关系. Topics to be covered include conditioning, social learning, and philosophical and historical antecedents of behaviorism. The environmental influences of behavior, 理解行为的前因-后果联系和功能, will also be covered. An emphasis will be placed on behavior-analytic strategies in a variety of settings including business and industry, education, and health and human services.","title":"Theories of Behavior"}],"defaultCoreCourseList":[{"name":"ENG/270","description":"Literary Interpretation and Analysis","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程透过对主要作品的阅读与解释,向学生介绍文学分析的实践. Students will discuss forms and theories as a foundation on which to build analytical skills.","title":"Literary Interpretation and Analysis"},{"name":"ENG/280","description":"Rhetoric and Critical Thinking","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course introduces students to rhetoric and critical thinking. Students will apply both formal logic and rhetorical principles to the study and practice of argument and persuasion.","title":"Rhetoric and Critical Thinking"},{"name":"LIT/255","description":"Survey of American Literature to 1860","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course will survey major authors, ideologies, 以及从殖民时期到南北战争时期美国文学的历史背景. 一系列的作品,体裁,运动和文化叙事将被探索.","title":"Survey of American Literature to 1860"},{"name":"LIT/265","description":"Survey of American Literature Since 1860","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course will survey the writings of 150 years in the historical and cultural context of America. The influence of vast social, political, 以及美国文学作品的哲学变化. The major literary movements, works, 四个不同时期的作者将会被阅读和讨论:19世纪末, the early 20th century, the late 20th century, and the 21st century.","title":"Survey of American Literature since 1860"},{"name":"ENG/240","description":"Introduction to Creative Writing","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程提供创作小说和非小说作品的基础. Students will be expected to produce original creative writings.","title":"Introduction to Creative Writing"},{"name":"LIT/375","description":"Literary Theory and Criticism","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程向学生介绍本学科的主要文学理论, from Structuralism to Post-modernism, for use in critical analysis.","title":"Literary Theory and Criticism"},{"name":"WRIT/320","description":"Advanced Composition for the English Major","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course in advanced composition is for students who want to develop advanced writing skills. 虽然重点和主题可能不同,但修辞的重点将指导写作任务.","title":"Advanced Composition for the English Major"},{"name":"RHET/300","description":"Rhetorical Theories","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course examines major rhetorical theories and theorists from a range of cultures and periods.","title":"Rhetorical Theories"},{"name":"LIT/305","description":"Major American Novel","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程通过主要的体裁和作者来研究美国小说.","title":"Major American Novel"},{"name":"LIT/410","description":"Literature of the Fantastic","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course examines the genre of science fiction and fantasy through notable authors and works.","title":"Literature of the Fantastic"},{"name":"LIT/304","description":"Shakespeare","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course will focus on Shakespearean literature and will cover significant plays still popular today. Students will discuss the influence of Shakespeare on literary, social, and theatrical concepts.","title":"Shakespeare"},{"name":"WRIT/310","description":"Creative Writing: Personal Essays and Creative Non-Fiction","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"这门创造性写作课程提供了阅读方面的练习和批评, analysis, and composition of personal essays and nonfiction.","title":"Creative Writing: Personal Essays and Creative Non-fiction"},{"name":"WRIT/350","description":"Writing for Social Media","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course explores the varied styles of writing for social media. Students will analyze multiple examples of social media and practice writing for these media.","title":"Writing for Social Media"},{"name":"LIT/330","description":"Modern Poetry","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course examines poetry from the early 20th century to today. Through reading significant works of the modern period, students will be able to explain poetry as an expression of culture and its importance to society.","title":"Modern Poetry"},{"name":"RHET/470","description":"Studies of American Rhetoric","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course examines American rhetoric from a variety of genres and a range of historical periods.","title":"Studies of American Rhetoric"},{"name":"ENG/480","description":"Applied Rhetoric","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This is the capstone course for English majors. Through applied rhetoric, 学生将把各种概念应用到自己的学习和写作中, and to written works from multiple genres and disciplines.","title":"Applied Rhetoric"}],"defaultElectiveCourseList":null,"additionalCategories":[{"description":"Your focus study includes classes in an area of your choosing outside of your required course of study. 这个重点研究增加了跨学科的性质,你的学位补充你的核心学科英语..","title":"5 Focus courses"},{"description":"选修课可以让你了解你感兴趣的话题, whether they’re related to your degree or not. 这意味着你将获得一个独特的学位和你的教育目标.","title":"5 Elective courses"}],"showDatesCopy":null,"hideCourseDetailsLinks":null,"skillMappedProgram":"false","skillLink":null,"enableDateLookahead":"false","defaultGenEdCategoryDescription":"These courses lay the foundation for our degree programs, because communication, math and writing skills aren’t just universally applicable in the professional world — they’re useful in daily life.","defaultCoreCategoryDescription":"在这里,您将掌握大量特定于程序的知识. By the time you finish these courses, 你应该有职业环境所需要的自信和技能.","defaultElectiveCategoryDescription":null,"overrideGeneralHeadingFlag":"true","generalHeading":"14 General Education courses","overrideCoreHeadingFlag":"true","coreHeading":"16 Core courses","overrideElectiveHeadingFlag":"true","electiveHeading":null,"overrideGeneralDescriptionFlag":"true","generalDescription":"These courses lay the foundation for our degree programs, because communication, math and writing skills aren’t just universally applicable in the professional world — they’re useful in daily life.","overrideCoreDescriptionFlag":"true","coreDescription":"在这里,您将掌握大量特定于程序的知识. By the time you finish these courses, 你应该有职业环境所需要的自信和技能.","overrideElectiveDescriptionFlag":"true","electiveDescription":null}'>


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What you'll learn

When you earn your English Degree, 你将会有一套具体的技能可以应用到工作中去. 

Topics covered in this degree include:

  • Applying learned  principles in rhetorical strategies of exposition, persuasion, narration, and descriptive writing.
  • Understanding  texts and rhetorical concepts relevant to a variety of communication situations and contingencies.
  • Analyzing and collaborating in the creation of a written product.
  • Comparing literature across forms, genres, and schools, and identifying essential elements used by authors in written works.

Careers & Outcomes

What can you do with a Bachelor of Arts in English?

A communication program can prepare you to be a: 

  • Creative writer
  • Technical writer
12 %

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for technical writers is projected to be faster than average between 2020 and 2030.

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An English degree focuses on writing and literature while building skills that promote critical thinking, information use, collaboration, 沟通和分析——所有这些都是有效和高效工作的必要条件.

Because graduates have versatile skills, they can apply to a variety of industries such as marketing, media (public relations, advertising, copywriting, website development), technical writing, public service (politics and government), human resources, healthcare and others.

Teaching at the primary or secondary level typically requires certification that is dependent on state requirements. 大学英语教学主要要求硕士或以上学历, and a bachelor’s degree in English can prepare you for graduate work in this and other disciplines.

澳门金沙的英语学位允许学生在文学和写作两门课程中选择平衡的课程. You’ll complete a set of required core courses. 在学位范围内,你可以灵活地选择选修课,既可以侧重英语知识,也可以拓宽英语知识.

Yes, 你可以通过100%的在线课程获得澳门金沙的英语学士学位,每天24/7/365天.

澳门金沙的在线英语学位是专门设计的,以便像您这样的专业人士可以在不离开当前职位的情况下获得它. 该学位为学生在英语学习的三个主要领域打下坚实的基础,从而使学生具备全面的英语学习背景:写作, rhetoric and literature. 该节目融合了对主要文学体裁的多方面理解, authors, and forms, along with proficiency in the English language.

Additionally, 该项目的结构允许您通过英语以外领域的重点研究课程集群来个性化您的项目, such as business, psychology, environmental science or cybersecurity, which could help you prepare for a writing career in that field.

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Effective communication is paramount in today’s workforce. You’re ready to take on your future – and we’re behind you. Together, we rise.

虽然项目广泛适用,但并非所有的项目都适用于所有州的居民. Please check with a University Enrollment Representative.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projections are not specific to University of Phoenix students or graduates.