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Bachelor of Science in Correctional Program Support Services

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做好准备,在社区支持,人类服务和刑事司法的交叉领域工作. Our customizable Bachelor of Science in Correctional Program Support Services equips you with the skills to manage cases, 促进项目,解决受刑事司法系统影响的人们的需求.

在这个方便转学的项目中,课程只有5周,所以他们可以适应你忙碌的生活. Plus, There’s no application fee, no SAT test requirements, and we’ll even request your prior college transcripts for you.

  • Evidence-based practice

  • Advocacy

  • Service delivery

  • Behavioral health

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澳门金沙学习打下基础. 学生发展个人策略,以实现教育目标,并发展批判性思维的技能, collaboration, and communication.","title":"Foundations for University Success"},{"name":"PSY/110","description":"Psychology of Learning","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"The course introduces theories and concepts in psychology that will foster academic success and provide students with opportunities to synthesize and apply that knowledge.","title":"Psychology of Learning"},{"name":"ENG/110","description":"English Composition I","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course develops the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills that are essential for academic and life success.","title":"English Composition I"},{"name":"HUM/115","description":"Critical Thinking in Everyday Life","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"Students learn how to think critically, focusing on developing the necessary tools and skills to analyze problems, make decisions, and formulate well-supported points of view on key academic, social, and professional issues.","title":"Critical Thinking in Everyday Life"},{"name":"FP/100T","description":"Everyday Economics and Finances","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course introduces students to thinking about and working with numbers by examining the day-to-day and societal importance of money.","title":"Everyday Economics and Finances"},{"name":"ENG/210","description":"English Composition II","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course extends practice in critical reading, writing, and thinking. Emphasis is given to developing an effective writing process that takes into account audience and rhetorical purpose.","title":"English Composition II"},{"name":"SOC/110","description":"Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程提供了一个应用于团队建设、协作和解决冲突的方法. 学生必须理解和应用这些概念在学术和专业设置. 学生发展结构、流程和策略,以创建和维持有效的团队. Gender, cultural, and individual considerations in team dynamics are also explored.","title":"Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution"},{"name":"SCI/220T","description":"Human Nutrition","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course introduces the basic concepts of human nutrition to highlight ways that students can integrate healthy nutrition into their lifestyles. Principles of digestion and absorption, the function of nutrients, lifecycle nutrition practices, disease prevention, diet modifications, and weight management are covered. Practical application of these principles to the students\u0027 lives is emphasized.","title":"Human Nutrition"},{"name":"HUM/186","description":"Media Influences on American Culture","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程介绍了影响和影响社会的最突出的媒体形式, business, political, and popular culture in contemporary America. It explores the unique aspects of each medium as well as interactions across various media that combine to create rich environments for information sharing, entertainment, business, and social interaction in the United States and around the world.","title":"Media Influences on American Culture"},{"name":"ENV/100T","description":"Principles of Environmental Science","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course will provide students with the scientific principles, concepts, 以及识别和分析与环境问题相关的风险所需的方法, and examine alternative solutions for resolving or preventing these problems.","title":"Principles of Environmental Science"},{"name":"MTH/215T","description":"Quantitative Reasoning I","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"学生运用先进的定量推理技巧来解决现实世界的问题. This course emphasizes modeling skills, statistical methods, and probability to create, analyze, and communicate solutions.","title":"Quantitative Reasoning I"},{"name":"MTH/216T","description":"Quantitative Reasoning II","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This applications-driven course prepares students to critically analyze and solve problems using quantitative reasoning. Students approach real-world scenarios using numerous reasoning skills and mathematical literacy to draw conclusions.","title":"Quantitative Reasoning II"}],"defaultCoreCourseList":[{"name":"CPSS/210","description":"Introduction to Criminal Justice","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course is an overview of the organization and jurisdictions of local, state, and federal law enforcement, the judicial system, and corrections agencies involved in the criminal justice system. Special issues affecting the criminal justice system including prevention efforts, recidivism, and evidence-based practices are reviewed.","title":"Introduction to Criminal Justice"},{"name":"CPSS/215","description":"Survey of Corrections in the United States","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course is an introduction to the various components of the corrections system within the criminal justice system. It provides an overview of corrections, including corrections history and the persons, agencies, and organizations that manage convicted offenders. Other topics that are covered include policy and procedure, sentencing, community supervision, and rehabilitations of prisoners.","title":"Survey of Corrections in the United States"},{"name":"CPSS/240","description":"Foundations of Criminal Behavior","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程强调犯罪行为产生的原因以及对犯罪行为的理论解释. 向学生介绍犯罪学的调查方法,并回顾几种不同的犯罪分类. 学生也考虑各种犯罪学方法对公共政策的影响.","title":"Foundations of Criminal Behavior"},{"name":"CPSS/300","description":"Working with the Correctional Population","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides an overview of correctional populations, and discusses the ethical, legal, and security aspects of the profession, including inmate manipulation and games.","title":"Working With the Correctional Population"},{"name":"CPSS/316","description":"Social Psychology and Criminal Behavior","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides a unified view of the field of social psychology as it relates to the development of criminogenic factors and criminal behavior. 它提出了社会影响和群体思维的概念,因为它们与人类的思想有关, feelings, and actions.","title":"Social Psychology and Criminal Behavior"},{"name":"CPSS/331","description":"Ethics and Values for Support Services Professionals","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides an overview of ethical standards outlined by human service, criminal justice, and mental health organizations. Students will explore and examine their personal values, beliefs, and biases as they relate to different social involved populations.","title":"Ethics and Values for Support Services Professionals"},{"name":"CPSS/332","description":"Diversity and Special Populations","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程提供了一个包容的、批判性的、平衡的对不同人群的检查. The emphasis of this course is on implicit and explicit multicultural factors. Students will examine personal beliefs, values, 并在与不同的和特殊的人群打交道时制定文化上合适的策略.","title":"Diversity and Special Populations"},{"name":"CPSS/370","description":"Intake, Assessment, and Classification","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course introduces students to the purpose, philosophy, and functions of intake, assessment, and classification within the correctional system. 学生调查多种工具,以确定风险和监禁个人的需求.","title":"Intake, Assessment, and Classification"},{"name":"CPSS/385","description":"Case Planning and Case Management","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程将帮助学生发展和管理矫正系统中个人的个案计划, based on specific risk, needs, and resources. Students will examine factors that influence case planning and management.","title":"Case Planning and Case Management"},{"name":"CPSS/395","description":"Program Facilitation Skills","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course identifies the variety of facilitation skills necessary for promoting positive behavioral change in inmates and offenders. 学生探索副专业和专业项目服务之间的区别.","title":"Program Facilitation Skills"},{"name":"CPSS/410","description":"Overview of Mental Health in Criminal Justice","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to theories and research concerning psychopathology. The course will address such topics the classification of abnormal behaviors into various diagnostic categories; the etiologies (causes) of psychological disorders; and an overview of major models of prevention, intervention, and treatment of mental health issues in the criminal justice system","title":"Overview of Mental Health in Criminal Justice"},{"name":"CPSS/415","description":"Working with Juvenile Offenders","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"这门课程将帮助学生应对与少年犯打交道的挑战. Students will examine the differences in supervision strategies, classification systems, custodial relationship, and the unique role of the family with juvenile offenders.","title":"Working With Juvenile Offenders"},{"name":"CPSS/420","description":"Issues of Substance Abuse and Addiction","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course examines the history of substance abuse and addiction, including the effects of addiction on individuals, families, and communities. 主题包括关于成瘾的国家和国际观点和战略, as well as their relationship to the judicial system. The course includes an overview of the major models of prevention, intervention, rehabilitation, and maintenance and relapse prevention.","title":"Issues of Substance Abuse and Addiction"},{"name":"CPSS/400","description":"Institutional and Community-Based Programs","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides an overview of the continuum of programs and interventions in both institutional and community-based settings. 它还探索了决定项目安排的风险/需求评估过程.","title":"Institutional and Community-Based Programs"}],"defaultElectiveCourseList":[{"name":"SOC/262","description":"Contemporary American Society","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"Students in this course will explore the implications of ethnicity, culture, and diversity within the context of society. Students will be introduced to racial and ethnic relations, prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination, and adaptation and conflict in diverse cultures.","title":"Contemporary American Society"},{"name":"HUM/150","description":"Introduction to Film Studies","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"Introduction to Film Studies is designed to provide students with an overview of film history and the skills necessary to analyze and critique film. 学生将学习电影理论、美学、流派和基本的电影评论. Students will analyze film through an examination of cinematography, editing, acting, scenes, and sound to allow students to view films critically, to develop a systematic and convincing interpretation of the films they watch, 并具备在结构良好、有说服力的文章中分析电影的能力.","title":"Introduction to Film Studies"},{"name":"SOC/100","description":"Introduction to Sociology","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course is an introduction to the set of perspectives on human life that allows us to understand how our personal lives are affected by our place in society. It explores ways of looking at the world that allow us to understand how the events and experiences of our lives are part of group dynamics, of social institutions, and of cultural meanings. It allows us to see personal events and meanings as affected by historical forces and to see how historical events may be shaped by personal choices.","title":"Introduction to Sociology"},{"name":"ARTS/100","description":"Introduction to the Visual and Performing Arts","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程检视包括音乐在内的视觉和表演艺术流派的传统和发展, dance, theater, cinema, visual arts, and architecture. Students will be introduced to the elements of each genre, along with an overview of its historical development in Western European tradition.","title":"Introduction to the Visual and Performing Arts"},{"name":"POL/215","description":"State and Local Political Processes","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides students with an introduction to the organization, administration, and functions of American state and local governments. The relationship between state and federal governments is also analyzed.","title":"State and Local Political Processes"},{"name":"SCI/163T","description":"Elements of Health and Wellness","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides an overview of the key components of comprehensive wellness. Based on a preventive model, 该课程将允许学习者探索促进健康的选择,以活得更长、更好为目标.","title":"Elements of Health and Wellness"},{"name":"PSY/203T","description":"Foundations of Psychology","credits":"3"},{"name":"PSY/250","description":"Psychology of Personality","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course is an introduction to the study of personality. 本课程检视理解人格发展的理论解释,并探讨每一个理论. The course also investigates how personality is assessed. The focus is on approaches that psychology has developed for understanding personality and on applications for organizational processes.","title":"Psychology of Personality"},{"name":"PSY/205T","description":"Life Span Human Development","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course focuses on a historical view of human development leading to the current life span approach to form an understanding of the developing individual, and it explores influences on human development, ranging from individual models to cross-cultural groups. Emphasis is given to personality, social, intellectual, and physical development, 用来描述人在一生中如何变化的主要理论.","title":"Life Span Human Development"},{"name":"REL/133","description":"World Religious Traditions I","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course offers a survey of the major historical developments, structural cosmology, symbolic interpretation, and values of the Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian, and Shinto traditions.","title":"World Religious Traditions I"},{"name":"REL/134","description":"World Religious Traditions II","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides a survey of the major historical developments, structural cosmology, symbolic interpretation, and values of the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religious traditions.","title":"World Religious Traditions II"},{"name":"HUM/105","description":"World Mythology","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程概述神话及其与古代和现代文化的关系. The course covers the purposes and types of myths, the development of myths and mythological characters, the common elements of mythological structures, the predominant characteristics of deities and sacred places in myth, contemporary theories of myths and mythology, and how myths and mythic structures shape contemporary culture.","title":"World Mythology"},{"name":"HST/175","description":"The American Experience Since 1945","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course is an overview of the principal social, political, economic, and global events which have shaped the American experience since World War II. Understanding modern American history is a necessity in today\u0027s ever-changing world. This course aims to supply the tools for understanding current political, social, cultural, and economic problems in the U.S. by applying a historical perspective to analyze contemporary issues.","title":"The American Experience Since 1945"},{"name":"SOC/315","description":"Cultural Diversity","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course focuses on the issues, challenges, and opportunities presented by U.S. population diversity. Workplace issues related to employee diversity in terms of gender, race or ethnicity, socioeconomic class, and cultural background are emphasized.","title":"Cultural Diversity"}],"showDatesCopy":"false","hideCourseDetailsLinks":"false","skillMappedProgram":"true","skillLink":"/skills-aligned-learning","enableDateLookahead":"false","defaultGenEdCategoryDescription":"These courses lay the foundation for all our degree programs. Because communication, math and writing skills aren’t just universally applicable in correctional program support services — they’re useful in daily life.","defaultCoreCategoryDescription":"Here’s where you’ll pick up the bulk of your program-specific knowledge. By the time you finish these courses, you should have the confidence and skills needed in a corrections environment.","defaultElectiveCategoryDescription":"Elective courses allow you to learn about topics you’re interested in, whether they’re related to your degree or not. That means you’ll have a degree that’s unique to you and your education goals.","overrideGeneralHeadingFlag":"true","generalHeading":"12 General Education courses","overrideCoreHeadingFlag":"true","coreHeading":"14 Core courses","overrideElectiveHeadingFlag":"true","electiveHeading":"14 Elective courses","overrideGeneralDescriptionFlag":"true","generalDescription":"These courses lay the foundation for all our degree programs. Because communication, math and writing skills aren’t just universally applicable in correctional program support services — they’re useful in daily life.","overrideCoreDescriptionFlag":"true","coreDescription":"Here’s where you’ll pick up the bulk of your program-specific knowledge. By the time you finish these courses, you should have the confidence and skills needed in a corrections environment.","overrideElectiveDescriptionFlag":"true","electiveDescription":"Elective courses allow you to learn about topics you’re interested in, whether they’re related to your degree or not. That means you’ll have a degree that’s unique to you and your education goals."}'>

What you'll learn

当你在校园或网上获得学士学位或惩教项目支持服务的科学, you’ll be equipped with a concrete set of skills you can apply on the job.

You’ll learn how to:

  • 分析以证据为基础的实践和趋势,与不同的人在社区工作, human services, and institutional settings.
  • Integrate knowledge, skills, and theory for structuring and administering direct service delivery and use of appropriate interventions with clients.
  • Apply ethical decision-making models when resolving problems and/or issues related to providing support services and advocacy for justice-involved individuals.
  • Examine biopsychosocial principles as they relate to personal, social, and organizational problems and/or issues.


Your academic counselor will help schedule your courses for a Bachelor of Science in Correctional Program Support Services.

If you are located in Phoenix, this program may be offered as Blended. 这意味着你将从凤凰城校区开始完成你的通识教育课程, and then transition to online learning for your core program courses.

Program Purpose Statement

The Bachelor of Science in Correctional Program Support Services is an educational degree program that provides a foundation or knowledge in the field of correctional program support services. This program does not prepare students for any type of professional certification or licensure as a correctional officer, social worker or counselor.

Careers & Outcomes


A BSCPSS degree can prepare you to be a:

  • Case manager
  • Social services assistant
  • Program eligibility specialist
  • Program manager
15 %

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for social and community service managers is projected to be faster than average between 2020 and 2030.

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Transfer eligible college credits, or if you’ve completed the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) or Basic Corrections Academy 培训,你可以申请相关经验评估,以获得潜在的大学学分.




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